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Lectures for our forthcoming season.

Further information will be published as it become available, so please check back

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09/10/2019 19:30 Bob Shepton A double transit of the North West Passage… just View details
23/10/2019 19:30 Jeremy Hunter North Korea - a New Era? View details
06/11/2019 19:30 Mark Beaumont Around the World in 80 day View details
20/11/2019 19:30 Charlie Walker Following The Line: a traverse of the Europe/Asia border View details
04/12/2019 19:30 Chris Moon Chris Moon ‘The Speaker Who Walks the Talk’ View details
18/12/2019 19:30 Andy Torbet Underwater Adventures: Beneath the Frozen Surface View details
08/01/2020 19:30 Chris Reeve Walking the Continental Divide View details
22/01/2020 19:30 Alastair Fothergill The Making of 'Our Planet' TV series View details
12/02/2020 19:30 Neil Laughton SKYCAR - A Journey to Timbuktu in a Flying Car… View details
26/02/2020 19:30 John Harrison Canoeing 3000 miles through the Canadian North. View details
04/03/2020 19:30 Tim Emmett Where is the Limit? View details
18/03/2020 19:30 Helen Sharman CMG OBE SPACE - out of this world View details
01/04/2020 19:30 Peter Habeler The Summit is the Goal View details