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SKYCAR - 'Flying' a car from London to Timbuktu

Neil Laughton on 12/02/2020 19:30


1532 Performing Arts Centre

Neil Laughton is a former Royal Marine Commando, helicopter pilot and entrepreneur with business interests in construction, aviation and training. He is a former Sussex Entrepreneur of the Year and was recognised by the Royal Geographical Society for his leadership and encouragement of others. Neil is a keen traveller and adventurer who has organised and led more than 50 expeditions on 7 continents, by land, sea and air. He summited Mt Everest, circumnavigated the UK & Ireland on a jet-ski and piloted a para-trike 1000 km along the Rift Valley in Kenya.


A boyhood ambition of one day flying a car became a possibility on an expedition to Everest. This is a remarkable story of fulfilling a wild dream, of building the world’s first road legal, bio-fuelled flying car and of undertaking a hazardous 10,000 km journey from London to Timbuktu, including crossing minefields, the Straits of Gibraltar and the intimidating Empty Quarter of the Sahara Desert.

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