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Chris Moon ‘The Speaker Who Walks the Talk’

Chris Moon on 04/12/2019 19:30

Adv £11. Door £12. Conc £10

1532 Performing Arts Centre
Chris Moon (c) Chris Moon

Chris Moon has tested the limits of human endurance. He avoided certain death by negotiating the release of himself and two colleagues from the grasp of Khmer Rouge guerrillas in Cambodia. He left the British Army to clear landmines for a charity, and subsequently lost an arm and a leg in an explosion. Less than a year later, he completed the London Marathon, and today runs the world’s toughest ultramarathons.


Chris Moon running the Marathon des Sables  (c) Chris Moon

In 1995 Chris Moon was blown up whilst working for a charity clearing landmines and lost his lower right arm and leg. He survived against all odds and within a year of leaving hospital did the London Marathon and became the first amputee to complete the Marathon De Sables. He’s run many of the world's toughest ultra races, including the Badwater Death Valley 135-mile race in the hottest place on earth at the hottest time of year. Chris shares his extreme experiences in a humorous and uplifting way to challenge the concept of limitation.

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