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First double amputee to completethe Marathon Des Sables

Chris Moon on 04/12/2019 19:30


1532 Performing Arts Centre
Chris Moon (c) Chris Moon

Chris is a former British Army Officer with three years operational experience. He left to work for a charity clearing landmines in Asia & Africa. He survived being taken prisoner in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge (one of the most brutal terror groups in history) and negotiated his release and that of two colleagues from threatened execution. In 1995 he was blown up in a supposedly safe area of a minefield in remote East Africa losing an arm and a leg. He survived initially because he treated himself. About fourteen hours after injury he arrived in South Africa where doctors said they’d never seen anyone live with such a small amount of blood. He recovered three or four times faster than was expected, was out of hospital in less than two months and within a year of leaving hospital ran the London Marathon, raised significant sums to help disabled people in the developing world, worked to ban landmines and successfully completed a full time Masters Degree.


Chris Moon running the Marathon des Sables  (c) Chris Moon

Less than a year after leaving hospital he completed the London Marathon and now runs the world’s toughest ultra-marathons, including the infamous Marathon des Sables. Described by Discovery Channel as "The Toughest Footrace on Earth" competitors run 250km (156 miles) through endless dunes, over rocky jebels, and across white-hot salt plain in just six days and in temperatures that regularly reach 50 centigrade. They have to be self sufficient, carrying all their own food and equipment and if they exceed their allocated ration of water, they get a time penalty

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