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Eye Below the Ice

Doug Allan on 14/11/2018 19:30

Adv: £12.00; Door: £13.00; Conc: £11.00

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol
Doug Allan (c) D.Allan

Doug spent eight years in Antarctica as a research diver, scientist and photographer for the British Antarctic Survey, before changing direction to full time filming in 1984. Since then he has become one of the world’s best known and respected cameramen. He specialises in natural history, expeditions and science documentaries in some of the wildest and most remote places on our planet, particularly the polar zones.

Doug’s photographic awards include eight Emmy’s and five BAFTA’s. He has twice won the underwater category in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and has four Honorary Doctorates in recognition of his camerawork, as well as two Polar Medals. He is an honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society


Weddell seal and pup (c) D. Allan

Pearl diver, SCUBA instructor, Antarctic marine biologist, photographer, writer, award winning documentary cameraman, Doug Allan has been filming underwater in the world’s wildest places for 45 years. His images have been published in numerous magazines and books, and he’s contributed memorable sequences to classic BBC series like The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Ocean Giants, Forces of Nature and many others.

Can you really talk to Belugas? Or make sure you don't lose that important dive hole when you’re filming seals under the ice? What’s harder – handling a camera underwater at minus 1.8o C or in a 3knot current? How about both at the same time?

Doug's presentation Eye Below the Ice talks about his 40 years of experience of diving and filming in both the Arctic and Antarctic. He has witnessed first hand how climate change is affecting both poles. Is there still time to turn the tide?

Copies of his book will be on sale
Freeze Frame – a Wildlife Cameraman’s Adventures on Ice

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