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The Wilderness Award 2021 - Information

The Wilderness Award is an annual cash award made by Wilderness Lectures; this is currently £650

It is open to any UK resident over the age of 18 who intends to travel overseas between February 1st 2021 and January 31st 2022 and hopes to complete an unusual and adventurous objective in a wilderness area.

We are looking for individuals who show that they have combined imagination and enthusiasm to produce a plan to do something exciting and visually interesting, which will not damage the environment, in an area of the world that is geographically remote.

The winner will be someone who combines a number of factors in their proposed trip: a good idea that has achievable objectives, an interesting area, a enthusiastic personality, good research, careful planning, and a commitment to follow the plan through.

We do not normally give the award to individuals whose primary objective is research based, unless there is a very strong element of adventure or exploration in their proposal. We also regret that we are unable to support applications from individuals who intend to take a place on a commercially organised trip, even if it is concerned with charitable objectives.

This is an individual award. However we recognise the reality of team expeditions and we understand that any grant given to an individual is likely to be shared to the benefit of all expedition members.

We will shortlist and take up references before interviewing a limited number of candidates.

Conditions of application:

In return for the award, the successful applicant must agree to deliver a lecture in Bristol, as part of the Wilderness Lectures Series 2021-22, ie between October 2021 and the end of March 2022. This lecture will be given with slides and will last between one and one & a half hours. We also require that our grant is acknowledged, through mention of both Wilderness Lectures and the Award, in any reports that are produced as a result of the trip.

Applications closing date:

30th November 2020

The application form for the Award is available in Rich Text Format (rtf) Please download the form and complete it in full, returning it either by email or by post to the address below. If you send the form by email, please submit any supporting documentation, maps etc by post.

Alternatively printed application forms and further information will be available, on receipt of a stamped self-addressed envelope, from:

Wilderness Award, 5 Clifton Wood Crescent, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4TU